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Happy Karate GirlOur parents recommend Karate America Verona as the best place for kids!

Here's what some of our parents
have to say about Karate America Verona!

My son started taking Karate at the age of four. I feel that Karate has helped develop him into the person he is today. Karate has given him the drive not only to do his best, but to be his best. He has greater self-confidence, self-discipline and self-respect. The Karate classes teach lessons beyond forms and combinations. They teach kids how to respect themselves, others and the world around them.
Parents of Nick M.
Karate has given Hayden a goal and a focus that I didn't see before. It has taught him that if you start something, you finish it the best you know how, and he is very proud of himself.
Parents of Hayden I.
Karate is a Great Sport for Girls
Karate has helped my daughter in several ways. The words on the wall in the Karate studio: Self discipline, respect, attitude, focus, effort, dedication, and leadership are not just for show. They are taught, modeled by the instructors and expected from all. She learned all of these things through Karate and will continue to use them throughout her life.

Karate has also given my daughter a sense of belonging. She was not the kind of kid who was interested in being on a soccer team or baseball team. She felt a sense of belonging at the Karate School. I will be so proud of her for lots of reasons, but mostly because she had the determination to never quit, even when it was really, really hard.
Parents of Emma F.
I don't know where Connor would be today without Karate. He has tried lots of sports and has only stuck with Karate. Through karate he has learned all of the words on your wall - respect, dedication, discipline, focus (and more). What I have appreciated the most is he has found a place where he belongs, he loves it, he's good at it and it's good for him. He works hard, has remained dedicated and has achieved such a sense of accomplishment. As a parent, what else could you want for your child?
Parents of C.S
Karate is a great sport for families of all ages!
When Kelsey first began taking karate as a ten year old, she was very quiet, reserved, afraid of making mistakes, needed lots of reassurance that any decision she was making was a good one and that making mistakes was normal and even sometimes a good thing. Seven years later, as she prepares to become a second degree black belt, she is a different person. Kelsey is now self-assured and out-going, she believes in herself and her abilities. She engages easily and confidently with others on many levels. She demonstrates a high level of commitment and determination to achieve any goal she sets for herself. These positive traits that we now see in Kelsey are the traits that we have seen being encouraged and nurtured throughout the many hours/years of karate classes. Kelsey has learned that believing in yourself and sticking with it are two very important parts of being successful in karate ... and in life!
Parents of Kelsey M.
Karate has helped Lindsey to become more confident and self-assured as she has grown up. When she first started karate lessons, she was a very quiet, somewhat shy young girl. Now, she is a very good speaker, definitely not afraid to try new things, and conducts herself in a very positive, confident manner in everything she does.
Parents of Lindsey W.
Karate is a great sport for girls, karate family
It has helped Mikayla at being more confident about herself and she is willing to try things that she might not have tried before -- like archery and hunting with her dad this fall. She doesn't back off on anything that she feels is right, where before she would have backed down and walked away even though she might have been right.
Parent's of Mikayla B.
My son has become much stronger and more flexible and coordinated as a result of classes. He has also met many nice friends who are working toward a similar goal. He has become more confident in group situations. He has also become more mature and better able to regulate his emotions.
Parents of Richard L.
Taking karate changed Spencer's attitude and provided focus and discipline. Over the years it has helped him with his confidence while setting and reaching goals. Karate has also provided him guidance in making good choices about taking care of his body through nutrition and exercise. It has kept him fit while providing strength, flexibility and balance for the other sports he participates in.
Parents of Spencer P.
Confident Karate Kid!
Taking karate, and working with the staff and instructors at Karate America Verona, has enhanced Jordan's self-confidence, self- discipline and and his ability to focus. Pursuing his Black Belt has also taught him about the commitment and hard work necessary to achieve a goal. His karate training and work has helped him to mature. We believe that karate has helped us in teaching Jordan the power of perseverance, the benefits of having a plan, the need to meet or exceed expectations, and the pride and satisfaction that come from earning something.

About one year after starting karate, Jordan was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Impulsive Type. Jordan's impulsivity made the long school day very difficult and drained his self-confidence. In the shorter, smaller, more intense karate classes, Jordan was required to focus, listen and cooperate in a highly structured setting. While he struggled sometimes to maintain focus, he generally succeeded and learned that he could concentrate and focus on tasks and that doing so yielded positive results. The staff and instructors welcomed him and encouraged him and he has come to see Karate America Verona as a place where he belonged and was welcome.
Parents of Jordan S.
Nicole has become much more confident and responsible since starting karate. One of the reasons we wanted her to learn martial arts was to gain confidence to help her overcome her fear of performing in front of people - she was very self conscious. Nicole has also become physically and mentally stronger (much more willing to take on a challenge) throughout her Karate experience. Thank you!
Parents of Nicole Q.
I would say that Karate has changed Ryan the most socially. Ryan is now able to get up in front of a group, either in school or at a karate tournament, and not have any fear. He is able to converse, and interact with someone that he is not familiar with. Confidence is probably the best way to explain the changes I've seen in my son.
Parents of Ryan G.

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